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The Full Story

The Outlander

In cooperation with Aries and Bucks 4x4, we embarked on an inspiring project that brought our community closer together. The kids enthusiastically participated in building a "show car" hauler, designed to transport our restoration projects to car shows and various events. This hands-on experience allowed them to learn valuable skills and witness the power of teamwork and dedication. As they worked side-by-side with experienced professionals, the kids took immense pride in contributing to a project that would showcase our collective efforts and the transformative impact of our initiatives. This hauler not only represents our restored vehicles but also embodies the spirit of collaboration and the bright future of these young builders.

Starting a White Chevy 3500 build


This project showcases the collective efforts of our sponsors and their products to highlight the transformative impact of Rebuilding Generations, embodying the spirit of collaboration and the bright future of our young builders.


"Rebuilding Generations is a nonprofit youth mentoring program designed to bridge the gap between the younger and older generations by providing opportunities to work side-by-side in the repair and restoration of old vehicles."

White, Chevy 3500 dually with matching topper
2022 White Chevy 3500 Dually. Customized with roof rack, lighting, and custom color matched topper (shell)
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